Month: July 2017

integrated perimeter detection

by dcssolutions
Our client has had repeat burglaries and thefts from their vehicle compound and yard almost on a monthly basis, with the thefts ranging from scrap metal to vehicle parts removed from vehicles outside in storage. We have responded by providing our integrated CCTV and perimeter detection system which has stopped the thefts. This system has a network of external detectors which allow birds and small animals to past by but not people allowing for stable and exact detection. If these sensors are covered over in order to block their view during the day or night without the system even armed, then this will cause an alarm condition which our client can address. Our full high definition IP camera CCTV system is integrated with the perimeter detection system giving email alerts featuring photographs from the camera of the exact second the alarm system is triggered, then beamed straight the keyholders mobile phone. This system is also connected wirelessly to our central station for secure keyholder and police response. Along with these notifications our client can also dial into the CCTV system anytime day and night to view and playback images of any event. This type of system is not only ideal for commercial compound and yard areas but also ideal for farms and even domestic properties as all of these systems are tailored to suit our clients needs. Please contact us for your integrated perimeter alarm and CCTV system.  
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