Month: August 2018

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems.

by dcssolutions
A new restaurant in the Spalding area has invested in our Zeta loop addressable fire alarm system. The zeta fire alarm system uses a sounder base which allows for superb sound levels to be achieved throughout the building, radiating sound from the base of the smoke detector when triggered. Also installed to the detector base is a flashing strobe unit which provides an excellent visual indication of a fire, thus allowing the building to be evacuated as soon as possible whatever the ambient noise levels. The zeta fire alarm system is loop addressable which means the system can identify an activation or fault from the exact detector triggered making this system ideal for use in hotels, guest houses and multiple occupancy properties. The break glass callpoints do not use a broken glass system to trigger the alarm. Instead they use a push in glass front which is reset using a key so no need to keep spare break glasses on the shelf anymore. Could this fire alarm system be your solution? Please contact us today.
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