Month: July 2020

Increase In Security Demand

by dcssolutions
Greetings customer and potential customer. Since the lockdown, fire and security demand has rocketed. We have been extremely busy with intruder alarm, fire alarm and CCTV work. We do though have the capacity to take more work. With recent events concerning the fire industry, we have seen a huge shift towards better fire safety. We are able to supply, install and maintain fire alarm systems at the highest grade. CCTV and intruder alarm works has also greatly increased, in the last month alone, with people and businesses having a general overall review of property and business protection. Local authorities have also tightened many regulations and policies regarding security. We have especially seen a higher number of enquiries regarding local police force policy changes regarding fire arms licensing. Below is a tiny snippet of some of our recent fire alarm work; Intruder alarm work; CCTV installation work; Please contact us today for your quotation.
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