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Industrial CCTV installations

by dcssolutions
Just a few of our superb Hikvision CCTV products heading to a large food production facility in the Lincolnshire area this week. 64 channel CCTV recorder, 42 cameras, 8 network switches, 4 wireless links, and the cable? Just over two miles to start with. That should keep the engineers busy for a day or two!

Industrial CCTV and Intruder Alarm.

by dcssolutions
We have just completed the installation of an intruder alarm system, and a 64 camera CCTV installation at a major food processing facility in the Lincolnshire area. Our Pyronix PD6662-2017 GRADE 3 intruder alarm system, provides comprehensive cover while our Hikvision 64 IP camera CCTV system gives our client a detailed view over the mixing, cooking, packing and despatch of high quality food products. Please contact us now for your quote.

Industrial CCTV Upgrade.

by dcssolutions
We have just finished a major upgrade of old type black and white analogue cctv cameras at a high profile industrial factory in the Spalding Lincolnshire area We have upgraded the old type cameras with the high quality 1080p, Hikvision 5 million pixel high definition CCTV cameras. This work has been achieved using the original coaxial cable which has saved our customer a substantial amount of money from not having to have the system rewired for IP CCTV cameras. Could this be your CCTV upgrade solution? Owing to the success of the project, our client has insisted we return in the new year to add more quality CCTV cameras to the system.

Grade 1 listed building CCTV.

by dcssolutions
Dcs Security Systems Ltd have just completed a Hikvision CCTV installation in a fine Georgian building in the Boston Lincolnshire area. Owing to the English heritage grade 1 listed status of the building, we have had to use our dark coloured Hikvision 5 million pixels IP cameras in sensitive area’s and ensure our cable routes remain as invisible as possible. Please call now for your quotation.

external networking solutions

by dcssolutions

An addition to an existing ip cctv system where no cables could be routed back to the main building has now been completed thanks to our long range 5GHz router. It is able to transmit high 26DBm signal over long range, up to 4 miles line of sight point to point providing a stable and robust networking solution for our client.

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