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GPS Theft attempt foiled by DCS Security Systems Ltd intruder alarm system

by dcssolutions

These two intruders have spent most of the night so far inspecting tractors and other similar farm vehicles with a view to stealing the GPS tracking systems. They enter our customers premises and inspect the tractor to the right, which is not the model they are looking for. They venture slightly further into the premises where they trigger our intruder alarm system and are send running away. No damage was caused to any vehicle or property in this attempted theft. The two criminals do though manage to steal from over 20 farms in a two night stealing spree. The cost of the GPS equipment stolen was estimated at one million pounds to replace. Please contact us today for your alarm system quote.

Attempted break in foiled by DCS Security Systems ltd alarm system.

by dcssolutions

Our lovely high quality CCTV camera is in this video is unfortunately very dirty due to the nature of our customers business, but at around 40 second in to the clip, two men can be seen walking around from the righthand side of the yard. They have previously been seen at the front of the premises earlier this night where they had spent a few minutes looking at the security system and decided to walk all the way around the yard, across the fields and enter at the premises at the back. After spending a short time inspecting other buildings with their torch, they then head around the side and head straight for the workshop area, to the right of this camera. Here they trigger the security alarm system and outside light and are once again sent running away. Not a single penny of damage was caused to our client’s property. This is clear footage that security systems do work. Contact us today for your quote for your security system.

Attempted fuel theft foiled by DCS Security Systems Ltd perimeter detection system.

by dcssolutions This fuel theft was foiled by a perimeter detection alarm system installed by DCS Security Systems Ltd of Gosberton Spalding Lincolnshire. Our client has been troubled in the past by fuel thefts from vehicles and decided to help prevent this by purchasing our systems. There is nothing to see in this video for the first minute or so until exactly 3.30 am, two men enter our clients yard at the top of the screen holding fuel containers. While the CCTV camera is slightly obscured, they can still be seen entering the premises at the top of the picture. Almost immediately they trigger our perimeter detection alarm system and are sent running without stealing or damaging any vehicles. Minutes later, a keyholder is present on site after being alerted to check the vehicles. We install intruder alarms, fire alarms, CCTV systems, perimeter detection systems and much more. Our systems work well and are an excellent investment for both domestic and commercial customers. Please contact us today form your quote.

integrated perimeter detection

by dcssolutions
Our client has had repeat burglaries and thefts from their vehicle compound and yard almost on a monthly basis, with the thefts ranging from scrap metal to vehicle parts removed from vehicles outside in storage. We have responded by providing our integrated CCTV and perimeter detection system which has stopped the thefts. This system has a network of external detectors which allow birds and small animals to past by but not people allowing for stable and exact detection. If these sensors are covered over in order to block their view during the day or night without the system even armed, then this will cause an alarm condition which our client can address. Our full high definition IP camera CCTV system is integrated with the perimeter detection system giving email alerts featuring photographs from the camera of the exact second the alarm system is triggered, then beamed straight the keyholders mobile phone. This system is also connected wirelessly to our central station for secure keyholder and police response. Along with these notifications our client can also dial into the CCTV system anytime day and night to view and playback images of any event. This type of system is not only ideal for commercial compound and yard areas but also ideal for farms and even domestic properties as all of these systems are tailored to suit our clients needs. Please contact us for your integrated perimeter alarm and CCTV system.  
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