External Detection

external detection installer spaldingIn the past, it probably would have been fair to say that external detection was something of an add-on. It was typically used for switching other systems, or for adding a pre-emptive layer of security at some sites. However, the changing profile of criminal activity has thrown the spotlight onto external sensing.

The increase in interest regarding external detection is very understandable. Crime trends have changed, and many sites are looking to protect assets in outside areas. With the rise in the theft of metals, construction materials and plant, agricultural materials and livestock, and items of site infrastructure, an early warning system for intrusion is increasingly desired by many end users.

However, it’s not just those sites that have assets stored externally that are increasingly looking towards the technology. Many end users simply do not want to wait until an intruder has gained access to a building before an alarm is raised! Because external detection can create a layer of protection directly from the perimeter, the onus is on detecting intrusion before any damage is caused to the building’s fabric

PIR and Dualtec detectors are designed to look for infra-red heat sources, with quad sensors which require 2 sensors to activate simultaniously to trigger an alarm, thus limiting false alarms in a given area.

farm security spaldingExternal security can be very hard to police from a false alarm point of view, i.e. the detection of wild-life. Dcs Security Systems Ltd offer a false alarm free solution by installing perimeter IR beam systems, with this option twin headed external beams are installed via suitable post around the property or protected area, units give a signal when both beams have been triggered, thus offering excellent reliability against false activations.

Units can be zoned as required and set via a remote control option, with mobile phone conformation of set / unset; units can then trigger a multitude of options, Sounders / Lighting / Pagers / Mobile alerts/ CCTV and much more.

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