Intruder Alarm Systems

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We install a range of both wired and wireless intruder alarm systems allowing the end user the flexibility to fully set and part set their systems using keypad, proximity tag, handheld remote or smartphone control.

These systems are fully tailored to suit your needs and installed PD6662-2010 by our fully trained engineers.

Our alarm systems can be linked to our 24/7 central station or monitored by the end user with text message, auto dialler or smartphone notification.

At Dcs Security Systems Ltd we firmly believe that every home and business needs a security system to deter uninvited guests from entering your house or business premises. Without electronic security, which is the most effective deterrent, chances of your premises being burgled, vandalised or damaged by fire are substantially increased.

Our security solutions are designed for your peace of mind, and are produced by security-systems specialists. Our free survey provides our Engineers with the means to identify where and what systems should be employed within your property, taking into fullest consideration your specific requirements and budget. We’ll provide you with a quotation which will cover all aspects of the work to be undertaken, from design to installation and maintenance.

For business premises such as shops, warehouses and garages, we offer conventional intruder alarms incorporating all the latest detection devices, including microwave and passive infrared (PIR) technologies, glass-break detectors, floodlighting, remote alarm signalling, CCTV and Access Control.

Each System is designed individually with your needs and application in mind. The specification of your Control Panel will depend on your specific design requirements, varying from an audible system to a sophisticated remote monitored system.

We can repair or replace most alarm panels, once our engineers attend your property we will check over your system and advise you if it is worth the engineers time repairing the system. When we turn up to your premises we will tell you if the system is repairable straight away we will leave it up to you to choose if you would like it to be repaired or other new component to be added as its our policy not to charge anything we do not agree with yourself first with.

As in most cases if the repair time is longer it would be cheaper and more cost effective replacing the faulty unit with new, this includes the control panel, detector, contacts etc.

In most cases if you  know the make and model  number of the intruder alarm panel we can  usually tell you without  seeing it if it is  a system we can repair and if we carry the necessary parts for.

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