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Industrial CCTV and Intruder Alarm.

by dcssolutions
We have just completed the installation of an intruder alarm system, and a 64 camera CCTV installation at a major food processing facility in the Lincolnshire area. Our Pyronix PD6662-2017 GRADE 3 intruder alarm system, provides comprehensive cover while our Hikvision 64 IP camera CCTV system gives our client a detailed view over the mixing, cooking, packing and despatch of high quality food products. Please contact us now for your quote.

Intercom Systems

by dcssolutions
Our AES intercom systems provide our customers with high class reliable solutions. The advanced electronic solutions systems have a variety of intercom products which can work as a stand-alone gsm gate intercom, video WI-FI intercom and 4g video intercom. The systems feature a wireless handset which can be situated without the need to wire back to the property. The handset features an unlock button as well as an answerphone! Constructed from brushed stainless steel, finished with gloss black toughened acrylic trim and blue backlit display. These intercoms not only look great, but they are tough and weather resilient. Please contact us today for your quotation.

Industrial CCTV Upgrade.

by dcssolutions
We have just finished a major upgrade of old type black and white analogue cctv cameras at a high profile industrial factory in the Spalding Lincolnshire area We have upgraded the old type cameras with the high quality 1080p, Hikvision 5 million pixel high definition CCTV cameras. This work has been achieved using the original coaxial cable which has saved our customer a substantial amount of money from not having to have the system rewired for IP CCTV cameras. Could this be your CCTV upgrade solution? Owing to the success of the project, our client has insisted we return in the new year to add more quality CCTV cameras to the system.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems.

by dcssolutions
A new restaurant in the Spalding area has invested in our Zeta loop addressable fire alarm system. The zeta fire alarm system uses a sounder base which allows for superb sound levels to be achieved throughout the building, radiating sound from the base of the smoke detector when triggered. Also installed to the detector base is a flashing strobe unit which provides an excellent visual indication of a fire, thus allowing the building to be evacuated as soon as possible whatever the ambient noise levels. The zeta fire alarm system is loop addressable which means the system can identify an activation or fault from the exact detector triggered making this system ideal for use in hotels, guest houses and multiple occupancy properties. The break glass callpoints do not use a broken glass system to trigger the alarm. Instead they use a push in glass front which is reset using a key so no need to keep spare break glasses on the shelf anymore. Could this fire alarm system be your solution? Please contact us today.

Bar/cafe sound systems.

by dcssolutions
We have just completed a music PA system at a local football club. The music and sound system will allow revellers at the club house to enjoy a great atmosphere at big screen TV events. Our client has a number of 400W speakers throughout the club with the facility to adjust the volumes to different levels around the building. We have also installed a number of external waterproof speakers outside in the patio area so no revellers need to miss any action. Music systems, MP3 players, Bluetooth, digital TV and sky TV can all use the sound system. The installation was completed Tuesday afternoon, just in time for the next England world cup football game. Please contact us for your quote.

Grade 1 listed building CCTV.

by dcssolutions
Dcs Security Systems Ltd have just completed a Hikvision CCTV installation in a fine Georgian building in the Boston Lincolnshire area. Owing to the English heritage grade 1 listed status of the building, we have had to use our dark coloured Hikvision 5 million pixels IP cameras in sensitive area’s and ensure our cable routes remain as invisible as possible. Please call now for your quotation.

Who is looking around your property at night?

by dcssolutions
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmJx8b2Pziw&t=2s Our client Mr “C” has a secluded property surrounded by fields in the Holbeach area and has asked us to share this CCTV footage. This pair of men seem to be interested in our clients property at night. After checking to see if anyone is home they take an interest in the sides of the property and disappear to the left side and then the right side, possibly to avoid the CCTV cameras and security lights and look for a way into the enclosed rear garden and out buildings. They eventually give up and move on. Our client has our reliable email alert system which sent a photograph of the event through to their mobile phone informing them of the need to review the CCTV footage. There is no suggestion that any crime has been committed here but these actions do look suspicious and most people would like to have known about this on their property. Both parts 1 and 2 show the full story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uNSpI3OHXo&t=122s  
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