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Bar/cafe sound systems.

by dcssolutions
We have just completed a music PA system at a local football club. The music and sound system will allow revellers at the club house to enjoy a great atmosphere at big screen TV events. Our client has a number of 400W speakers throughout the club with the facility to adjust the volumes to different levels around the building. We have also installed a number of external waterproof speakers outside in the patio area so no revellers need to miss any action. Music systems, MP3 players, Bluetooth, digital TV and sky TV can all use the sound system. The installation was completed Tuesday afternoon, just in time for the next England world cup football game. Please contact us for your quote.

Grade 1 listed building CCTV.

by dcssolutions
Dcs Security Systems Ltd have just completed a Hikvision CCTV installation in a fine Georgian building in the Boston Lincolnshire area. Owing to the English heritage grade 1 listed status of the building, we have had to use our dark coloured Hikvision 5 million pixels IP cameras in sensitive area’s and ensure our cable routes remain as invisible as possible. Please call now for your quotation.

Who is looking around your property at night?

by dcssolutions
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmJx8b2Pziw&t=2s Our client Mr “C” has a secluded property surrounded by fields in the Holbeach area and has asked us to share this CCTV footage. This pair of men seem to be interested in our clients property at night. After checking to see if anyone is home they take an interest in the sides of the property and disappear to the left side and then the right side, possibly to avoid the CCTV cameras and security lights and look for a way into the enclosed rear garden and out buildings. They eventually give up and move on. Our client has our reliable email alert system which sent a photograph of the event through to their mobile phone informing them of the need to review the CCTV footage. There is no suggestion that any crime has been committed here but these actions do look suspicious and most people would like to have known about this on their property. Both parts 1 and 2 show the full story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uNSpI3OHXo&t=122s  

shop PA systems.

by dcssolutions
Did you know? we also install shop PA systems! We have recently installed our 6 speaker PA system for our client in Spalding. This PA and music system provides comfortable background radio music and mp3 via the Bluetooth connection throughout the offices and shop area. The benefits of using this professional system rather than an old radio in the corner is that the sound is much fuller and evenly spread throughout the premises rather than the radio too loud in some areas and not loud enough in others. The installation is neat and tidy with ceiling mounted speakers, no need for wall brackets leaving untidy cables everywhere, and the main amplifier is installed behind the counter away from sight. We have also installed some isolation switches so our client can switch off the sound completely in certain offices when not required. Please call now for your quote.  

integrated perimeter detection

by dcssolutions
Our client has had repeat burglaries and thefts from their vehicle compound and yard almost on a monthly basis, with the thefts ranging from scrap metal to vehicle parts removed from vehicles outside in storage. We have responded by providing our integrated CCTV and perimeter detection system which has stopped the thefts. This system has a network of external detectors which allow birds and small animals to past by but not people allowing for stable and exact detection. If these sensors are covered over in order to block their view during the day or night without the system even armed, then this will cause an alarm condition which our client can address. Our full high definition IP camera CCTV system is integrated with the perimeter detection system giving email alerts featuring photographs from the camera of the exact second the alarm system is triggered, then beamed straight the keyholders mobile phone. This system is also connected wirelessly to our central station for secure keyholder and police response. Along with these notifications our client can also dial into the CCTV system anytime day and night to view and playback images of any event. This type of system is not only ideal for commercial compound and yard areas but also ideal for farms and even domestic properties as all of these systems are tailored to suit our clients needs. Please contact us for your integrated perimeter alarm and CCTV system.  

Fire Detection

by dcssolutions
One of our clients based in Yaxley Peterborough has recently had the misfortune of a small fire in his workshop/hobby annexe building. A faulty battery left on charge caused the fire which managed to burn itself out and caused only minor damage. While no one was injured our client has indicated to us that there is a number of extremely expensive and irreplaceable items in the workshop and another fire could have disastrous consequences for these. We have responded by installing 5 smoke detectors, one in each of the small rooms of the annexe and linked them to the existing intruder alarm system to, in the event of a fire, dial our customers mobile phone and business land line in order to respond to the activation. These high quality smoke detectors can be hard wired to an existing intruder alarm system or linked wirelessly to almost any intruder alarm or alert system. Please call now for your quotation.  

Criminals caught on camera.

by dcssolutions
Two attempted criminals caught on camera trying to steel a heavy duty pressure washer from outside one of our customers commercial premises. This pair of criminals spent over 10 minutes trying to steel this item from our customer who we upgraded their old type analogue camera's only a week before this incident for our full HD 1080P camera's. The footage shown is of the final 3 minutes or so of the attempt to cut through the 240V live mains cable with bricks, the criminals were aware of the camera but believed they were out of its sight. This footage is filmed using our quality hikvision CCTV camera's in pitch black conditions with no outside lighting in use only the camera's own infrared light. We have been given full permission from our customer to post this footage and would like to hear from anyone who may know who these attempted thieves are from the holbeach area. Please call now for your CCTV quotation. https://youtu.be/K8uj2HAThmQ

paxton access control solutions

by dcssolutions

A leading childrens nursery in spalding has invested in 4 of our paxton access control door systems. These UK manufactured systems are a mixture of pin code entry and proximity card entry door controllers providing reliable high quality security and access control solutions for our customer. Please call now for your quotation.

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