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church security

by dcssolutions
rsz_img_20161011_152726193a local church has invested in two of our popular wireless alarm systems. one installed in "fathers" house and another in the church. desite the heavy stone walls we have acheived an excellent wireless signal strength throughout the church. please call today for your quotation.

door alarm solutions

by dcssolutions
a local childrens centre have had problems with external fire doors being opened without the knowledge of the staff, we have provided a solution by installing our door alarm system which the staff can set and unset from the main office where the system rings a local alert and displays a room name when an external fire door is opened. this particular system is especially useful as the centre is staffed overnight. please call now for your quotation.

by dcssolutions
mr "f" from spalding has had some disturbances on his property while away but is now able to see exactly what has been happening thanks to our 1080p 2 million pixel 4 ip camera cctv system. call now for your quotation.20160805_140831

external networking solutions

by dcssolutions

An addition to an existing ip cctv system where no cables could be routed back to the main building has now been completed thanks to our long range 5GHz router. It is able to transmit high 26DBm signal over long range, up to 4 miles line of sight point to point providing a stable and robust networking solution for our client.

wifi networking spalding
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